The Capricorn

Introducing the Capricorn Mini Vibrator, your go-to for an intimate and pleasurable experience.

Experience the power of 10 intense vibration speeds with this elegant and compact vibrator. Crafted from a luxurious combination of silicone and ABS, it ensures a smooth and comfortable touch. Unveil a world of satisfaction with The Capricorn


The Mini Piglet

Introducing our Mini Piglet Vibrator — a 100% brand-new, high-quality pleasure companion designed for ultimate satisfaction. Its daily waterproof feature ensures easy cleaning, and the mini Kawaii fashion design adds a touch of playful charm.


The Butterfly Rose

Introducing the Butterfly Rose Vibrator - a versatile pleasure companion designed for your utmost satisfaction. Crafted from medical-grade silicone, this vibrator ensures a safe and reliable experience. With its unique design, it functions as a G Spot Vibrator, Sucking Vibrator, and Clitoris Vibrator, providing a myriad of pleasure options.


Prude or Not?

Listen, why people feel that sex toys are so taboo? Did you know in 2020 it was the year of the vibrator? Did you know that vibrators are a big help to women who cannot have an orgasm? Did you know using a vibrator could help with lubrication? The point is using a toy is not a bad or taboo thing. It may just spice up your love life, so don't be a prude and enjoy the pleasures available to you.